Marvel Holiday Special
Jan 1993

The Rapt Lamb

Editor: Renee Witterstaetter
Writer: Ann Nocenti, Barry Dutter, Howard Chaykin, Peter David, Scott Lobdell, Steven Grant
Pencils: Marie Severin, Michael Wm Kaluta, Pat Broderick, Ron Lim, Tom Grindberg
Inking: Bill Anderson, Bob Almond, Dennis Jensen, Howard Chaykin, Marie Severin, Pat Broderick
Lettering: Brad K. Joyce, Dan McKinnon, Dave Sharpe
Colorist: Ed Lazellari, Glynis Oliver, Joe Rosas, Tom Vincent

Daredevil stars in the book's eighth and final story and appears on the back of the two part cover.

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DaredevilVolume 1312Jan1993 
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What ifVolume 244Dec1992 

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