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Fan Without Fear Comics! is still the home of the Completist Daredevil Reading Guide and is now also home to the all new Fan Without Fear Completist Retrospective!

Fan Without Fear Completist Retrospective is a fan created discussion program and video retrospective celebrating Marvel Comics’ Daredevil! New episodes are released regularly, so check back often for updates!

Fan Without Fear strives to provide the most complete reading guide for Marvel Comics’ fearless superhero Matt Murdock: Daredevil! This reading list catalogues over 1,400 issues of comic books, featuring stories, guest appearances, and cameos by Daredevil, as well as selections of closely related characters and storylines.

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  • Get the most out of the Fan Without Fear guide! The read order list is designed to be a complete resource for readers and collectors. Issues are organized chronologically (by story arc release date), but can also be viewed alphabetically by title.
    Readers: Consider starting from the beginning with Daredevil April 1964.
    Collectors: Consider starting with our alphabetical listing.

  • Contribute to the Fan Without Fear guide! With over 50 years of Daredevil comic books, some appearances of Daredevil may still be missing from the current reading guide. Do you know of an appearance of Daredevil or Matt Murdock in a comic book which isn’t on our list? Please, message the Fan Without Fear with details!