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1602Limited2003(7 Issues)  
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AliasVolume 12002(2 Issues)  
Alpha FlightVolume 11983(2 Issues)  
Amazing Spider-GirlVolume 12006(11 Issues)  
Amazing Spider-ManVolume 11963(31 Issues)  
Amazing Spider-ManVolume 21999(9 Issues)  
Amazing Spider-Man 1998 AnnualVolume 11998(1 Issue)
Amazing Spider-Man AnnualVolume 11963(3 Issues)  
AssassinsVolume 11996(1 Issue)  
Astonishing Tales: DaredevilOne-Shot2009(1 Issue)  
AvengersVolume 11964(8 Issues)  
AvengersVolume 31997(2 Issues)  
Avengers A. I.Volume 12013(1 Issue)  
Avengers vs. X-MenLimited2012(7 Issues)  
Avengers: TimeslideOne-Shot1996(1 Issue)  
Avenging Spider-ManVolume 12012(1 Issue)  
AvX vs.Limited2012(2 Issues)  
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Batman DaredevilGraphic Novel2000(1 Issue)  
Beavis & Butt-HeadVolume 11994(1 Issue)  
Best of Marvel '96Trade Paperback1996(1 Volume)  
Bizarre AdventuresVolume 11981(1 Issue)  
Black Panther: Most Dangerous Man AliveVolume 12011(7[18] Issues)  
Black Panther: The Man Without FearVolume 12011(11[18] Issues)  
Black WidowLimited1999(3 Issues)  
Black WidowLimited2001(3 Issues)  
Black WidowLimited2005(6 Issues)  
Black WidowVolume 12014(1 Issue)  
Black Widow: Deadly OriginLimited2010(2 Issues)  
Black Widow: The Coldest WarGraphic Novel1990(1 Issue)  
BugOne-Shot1997(1 Issue)  
Bullseye Greatest HitsLimited2004(5 Issues)  
Bullseye Perfect GameLimited2010(2 Issues)  
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CableVolume 11993(1 Issue)  
Cable & DeadpoolVolume 12004(2 Issues)  
Captain AmericaVolume 11968(15 Issues)  
Captain AmericaVolume 42002(1 Issue)  
Captain America CorpsLimited2011(2 Issues)  
Captain Universe DaredevilOne-Shot2006(1 Issue)  
CatVolume 11972(1 Issue)  
Civil WarLimited2006(7 Issues)  
Civil War Choosing SidesOne-Shot2006(1 Issue)  
Code of HonorLimited1997(4 Issues)  
ConspiracyLimited1998(1 Issue)  
Contest of ChampionsLimited1982(3 Issues)  
Contest of Champions IILimited1999(2 Issues)  
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DaredevilVolume 11964(380 Issues)  
DaredevilVolume 21998(132 Issues)  
DaredevilVolume 32011(37 Issues)  
DaredevilVolume 42014(15 Issues)  
Daredevil & Captain AmericaOne-Shot2008(1 Issue)  
Daredevil 2099One-Shot2004(1 Issue)  
Daredevil and BatmanGraphic Novel1997(1 Issue)  
Daredevil AnnualVolume 11967(10 Issues)  
Daredevil AnnualVolume 22007(1 Issue)  
Daredevil AnnualVolume 32012(1 Issue)  
Daredevil Battlin' Jack MurdockLimited2007(4 Issues)  
Daredevil Blood of the TarantulaOne-Shot2008(1 Issue)  
Daredevil Black & WhiteOne-Shot2010(1 Issue)  
Daredevil BullseyeLimited2003(1 Issue)  
Daredevil by Ed Brubaker SagaOne-Shot2008(1 Issue)  
Daredevil Cage MatchOne-Shot2010(1 Issue)  
Daredevil ChroniclesOne-Shot1982(1 Issue)  
Daredevil Dark NightsVolume 12013(8 Issues)  
Daredevil End of DaysLimited2012(8 Issues)  
Daredevil Epic CollectionTrade Paperback2014(1 Volume)  
Daredevil FatherLimited2004(6 Issues)  
Daredevil FlashbackVolume 11997(1 Issue)  
Daredevil Love and WarGraphic Novel1986(1 Issue)  
Daredevil NinjaLimited2000(3 Issues)  
Daredevil NoirLimited2009(4 Issues)  
Daredevil RebornLimited2011(4 Issues)  
Daredevil RedemptionLimited2005(6 Issues)  
Daredevil Season OneGraphic Novel2012(1 Issue)  
Daredevil Spider-ManLimited2001(4 Issues)  
Daredevil The MovieOne-Shot2003(1 Issue)  
Daredevil The Man Without FearLimited1993(5 Issues)  
Daredevil VisionariesVolume 12000(3 Volumes)  
Daredevil vs Punisher Means and EndsLimited2005(6 Issues)  
Daredevil vs. VaporaOne-Shot1996(1 Issue)  
Daredevil Wizard 1/2 EditionVolume 21999(1 Issue)  
Daredevil Wizard Ace EditionOne-Shot2003(1 Issue)  
Daredevil YellowLimited2001(6 Issues)  
Daredevil/Black Widow: AbattoirGraphic Novel1993(1 Issue)  
Daredevil/Deadpool '97 AnnualVolume 11997(1 Issue)  
Daredevil/ShiOne-Shot1997(1[2] Issue)  
DaredevilsVolume 11981(11 Issues)
Dark Reign The List DaredevilOne-Shot2009(1 Issue)  
DarkdevilLimited2000(3 Issues)  
DarkhawkVolume 11991(1 Issue)  
DazzlerVolume 11981(1 Issue)  
DC vs. MarvelLimited1996(1[3] Issue)  
DC/Marvel All AccessLimited1996(2 Issues)  
Deadly Hands of Kung FuVolume 11974(1 Issue)  
DeadpoolVolume 32012(2 Issues)  
Deadpool AnnualVolume 32014(1 Issue)  
Deadpool KillustratedLimited2013(1 Issue)  
Deadpool: Suicide KingsLimited2009(4 Issues)  
Death of Captain MarvelGraphic Novel1982(1 Issue)  
DefendersVolume 11972(11 Issues)  
DefendersLimited2005(1 Issue)  
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer SupremeVolume 11988(2 Issues)  
Doom 2099Volume 11993(2 Issues)  
Double Edge: OmegaLimited1995(1 Issue)  
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Edge of Spider-verseLimited2014(2 Issues)  
ElektraVolume 11996(4 Issues)  
Elektra AssassinLimited1986(8 Issues)  
Elektra FlashbackVolume 11997(1 Issue)  
Elektra Lives AgainGraphic Novel1990(1 Issue)  
Elektra: Root of EvilLimited1995(4 Issues)  
Emperor DoomGraphic Novel1987(1 Issue)  
Essential DaredevilVolume 12002(6 Volumes)  
ExilesVolume 12000(4 Issues)  
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Fallen Son: The Death of Captain AmericaWolverine2007(1 Issue)  
Fantastic FourVolume 11961(16 Issues)  
Fantastic FourVolume 31998(1 Issue)  
Fantastic Four AnnualVolume 11961(2 Issues)  
Fantastic Four RoastOne-Shot1982(1 Issue)  
FOOMVolume 11973(1 Issue)  
Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel UniverseOne-Shot1989(1 Issue)  
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-ManVolume 12005(1 Issue)  
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GambitVolume 21999(1 Issue)  
Ghost RiderVolume 11973(1 Issue)  
Ghost RiderVolume 21990(2 Issues)  
Giant-Size DaredevilVolume 11975(1 Issue)  
Giant-Size DefendersVolume 11974(1 Issue)  
GLA: Great Lakes AvengersLimited2005(1 Issue)  
Green GoblinVolume 11995(1 Issue)  
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HawkeyeLimited1983(1 Issue)  
Heroes and LegendsOne-Shot1996(1 Issue)  
House of MLimited2005(3 Issues)  
HulkVolume 22015(1 Issues)  
Human FlyVolume 11977(2 Issues)  
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I [Heart] Marvel: Marvel AiOne-Shot2006(1 Issue)  
Incredible HulkVolume 11962(8 Issues)  
Indestructible HulkVolume 12012(2 Issues)  
Infinity CrusadeLimited1993(4 Issues)  
Infinity GauntletLimited1991(1 Issue)  
Infinity WarLimited1992(4 Issues)  
Invincible Iron ManVolume 11968(7 Issues)  
Invincible Iron ManVolume 31998(1 Issue)  
Iron FistVolume 11975(1 Issue)  
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Journey Into MysteryVolume 11962(1[8] Issue)  
Jungle ActionVolume 11976(1 Issue)  
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Ka-ZarVolume 11970(3 Issues)  
Ka-ZarVolume 21997(2 Issues)  
KingpinVolume 12003(7 Issues)  
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Last Hero StandingLimited2005(4 Issues)  
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Magdalena/DaredevilOne-Shot2008(1 Issue)  
Man-ThingVolume 11974(2 Issues)  
Marc Spector: Moon KnightVolume 11989(3 Issues)  
Marvel Adventure Featuring DaredevilVolume 11975(6 Issues)  
Marvel AgeVolume 11983(4 Issues)  
Marvel Age AnnualVolume 11985(1 Issue)  
Marvel Age Spider-ManVolume 12004(1 Issue)  
Marvel Comics DaredevilOne-Shot2000(1 Issue)  
Marvel Comics PresentsVolume 11988(14 Issues)  
Marvel Comics Super SpecialVolume 11977(1 Issue)  
Marvel FanfareVolume 11982(8 Issues)  
Marvel Holiday Special [1992]One-Shot1993(1 Issue)  
Marvel Holiday Special [2011]One-Shot2011(1 Issue)  
Marvel KnightsVolume 12000(15 Issues)  
Marvel KnightsVolume 22002(6 Issues)  
Marvel Knights Double ShotVolume 12002(2 Issues)  
Marvel Masterworks DaredevilVolume 12003(8 Volumes)  
Marvel SagaVolume 11985(5 Issues)  
Marvel Super-HeroesVolume 11966(11 Issues)  
Marvel Super-HeroesVolume 21990(2 Issues)  
Marvel Team-UpVolume 11974(9 Issues)  
Marvel Team-UpVolume 32005(2 Issues)  
Marvel Team-Up AnnualVolume 11976(1 Issue)  
Marvel Treasury EditionVolume 11974(2 Issues)  
Marvel Two-in-OneVolume 11974(8 Issues)  
Marvel Valentine SpecialOne-Shot1997(1 Issue)  
Marvel vs. DCLimited1996(2[3] Issues)  
Marvel ZombiesLimited2005(4 Issues)  
Marvel Zombies HalloweenOne-Shot2012(1 Issue)  
MarvelsLimited1994(1 Issue)  
Mighty AvengersVolume 12007(1 Issue)  
Moon KnightVolume 11980(1 Issue)  
Mutant XVolume 11998(1 Issue)  
Mutant X Annual 2001Volume 12001(1 Issue)  
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New AvengersVolume 12005(10 Issues)  
New AvengersVolume 22010(14 Issues)  
New MangaverseLimited2006(2 Issues)  
NighthawkLimited1998(3 Issues)  
NomadVolume 21992(1 Issue)  
Not Brand EchhVolume 11967(2 Issues)  
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Official Handbook of the Maverl UniverseVolume 11983(1 Issue)  
Official Handbook of the Maverl UniverseOne-Shot2004(1 Issue)  
Original SinLimited2014(4 Issues)  
Over the EdgeVolume 11995(5 Issues)  
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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-ManVolume 11976(8[9] Issues)  
Power Man and Iron FistVolume 11972(2 Issues)  
PowerlessLimited2004(6 Issues)  
PulseVolume 12004(1 Issue)  
PunisherVolume 21987(1 Issue)  
PunisherVolume 11995(2 Issues)  
PunisherVolume 32000(1 Issue)  
PunisherVolume 42011(2 Issues)  
Punisher AnnualVolume 11987(1 Issue)  
Punisher Kills the Marvel UniverseOne-Shot1995(1 Issue)  
Punisher vs. BullseyeLimited2006(5 Issues) 
Punisher vs. DaredevilOne-Shot2000(1 Issue)  
Punisher War JournalVolume 11988(7 Issues)  
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Real HeroesLimited1994(1 Issue)  
RomVolume 11979(1 Issue)  
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Secret AvengersVolume 12010(2 Issues)  
Secret InvasionLimited2008(2 Issues)  
Secret WarLimited2004(4 Issues)  
Secret Wars IIVolume 11985(1 Issue)  
Sentry vs The VoidOne-Shot2001(1 Issue)  
Sergio Aragonés Massacres MarvelOne-Shot1996(1 Issue)  
ShadowlandLimited2010(5 Issues)  
Shadowland After the FallOne-Shot2011(1 Issue)  
Shadowland Blood on the StreetsLimited2010(4 Issues)  
Shadowland BullseyeOne-Shot2010(1 Issue)  
Shadowland Daughters of the ShadowLimited2010(3 Issues)  
Shadowland ElektraOne-Shot2010(1 Issue)  
Shadowland Ghost RiderOne-Shot2010(1 Issue)  
Shadowland Moon KnightLimited2010(3 Issues)  
Shadowland Power ManLimited2010(4 Issues)  
Shadowland Spider-ManOne-Shot2010(1 Issue)  
Shadows & LightVolume 11998(1 Issue)
Shame ItselfOne-Shot2012(1 Issue)  
She-HulkVolume 32014(4 Issues)  
Shi/Daredevil: Honor Thy MotherOne-Shot1997(1[2] Issue)  
Silver Sable & the Wild PackVolume 11992(3 Issues)  
Silver SurferVolume 31987(2 Issues)  
Slapstick!Limited1992(1 Issue)  
SleepwalkerVolume 11991(1 Issue)  
Son of Origins of Marvel ComicsHardcover1975(1 Volume)  
Spectacular Spider-ManVolume 11976(1[9] Issue)  
Spider-GirlVolume 11998(28 Issues)  
Spider-ManVolume 11990(1 Issue)  
Spider-Man and Daredevil Special EditionOne-Shot1984(1 Issue)  
Spider-Man and the Black CatLimited2002(3 Issues)  
Spider-Man and the Fantastic FourLimited2010(1 Issue)  
Spider-Man Chapter OneVolume 11999(2 Issues)  
Spider-Man Kingpin To the DeathGraphic Novel1997(1 Issue)  
Spider-Man Made MenOne-Shot1998(1 Issue)  
Spider-Man Power of TerrorLimited1995(3 Issues)  
Spider-Man Special EditionVolume 11992(1 Issue)  
Spider-Man The Mysterio ManifestoLimited2001(3 Issues)  
Spider-Man UnlimitedVolume 11993(3 Issues)  
Spider-man/DaredevilOne-Shot2002(1 Issue)  
Strange TalesVolume 11951(1 Issue)  
Superior Iron ManVolume 12015(4 Issues)  
Superior Spider-Man Team-UpVolume 12013(2 Issues)  
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Tales of the Marvel UniverseOne-Shot1997(1 Issue)  
ThorVolume 11962(7[8] Issues)  
ThunderboltsVolume 11997(5 Issues)  
Thunderbolts '97 AnnualVolume 11997(1 Issue)  
Thunderstrike Code Blue: Double FeatureVolume 11993(1 Issue)  
Timeslip: The Coming of the AvengersOne-Shot1998(1 Issue)  
TyphoidLimited1995(4 Issues)  
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Ultimate AvengersVolume 32010(6 Issues)  
Ultimate Daredevil & ElektraLimited2003(4 Issues)  
Ultimate ElektraLimited2004(5 Issues)  
Ultimate Fantastic FourVolume 12004(1 Issue)  
Ultimate Marvel Team-UpVolume 12001(2 Issues)  
Ultimate OriginsLimited2008(1 Issue)  
Ultimate Spider-ManVolume 12000(5 Issues)  
Ultimate Spider-Man AnnualVolume 12005(1 Issue)  
Ultimate Spider-Man Super SpecialOne-Shot2002(1 Issue)  
Ultimate X-MenVolume 12001(2 Issues)  
Ultimates 2Volume 12005(1 Issue)  
Uncanny OriginsVolume 11996(1 Issue)  
Uncanny X-MenVolume 11963(4 Issues)  
Unlimited AccessLimited1997(1 Issue)  
Untold Tales of Spider-Man '97 AnnualVolume 11997(1 Issue)  
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Venom on TrialLimited1997(3 Issues)  
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Web of Spider-ManVolume 11985(2 Issues)  
Webspinners Tales of Spider-ManVolume 11999(1 Issue)  
Wha... Huh?One-Shot2005(1 Issue)  
What ifVolume 11977(8 Issues)  
What ifVolume 21989(14 Issues)  
What if Daredeil Lived in Feudal Japan?One-Shot2006(1 Issue)  
What if? Daredevil vs. ElektraOne-Shot2010(1 Issue)  
What if… Karen Page Had Lived?One-Shot2005(1 Issue)  
What the--?!Volume 11988(1 Issue)  
White TigerLimited2007(6 Issues)  
Winter SoldierVolume 12012(2 Issues)  
WolverineVolume 11988(1 Issue)  
WolverineVolume 22003(3 Issues)  
Wolverine & The Punisher RevelationLimited1999(1 Issue)  
Wolverine and the X-MenVolume 22014(1 Issue)  
Wolverine First ClassVolume 12008(2 Issues)  
World War Hulk Front LineLimited2007(1 Issue)  
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X-23: Target XLimited2007(6 Issues) 

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