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29 April 2015: Completist Retrospective viedo series is live! Fan Without Fear Completist Retrospective is the new Daredevil discussion video series. Watch the theme song tonight, and look for the first episode tomorrow!

26 February 2015: Like and Follow on Facebook! Help your friends find the Fan Without Fear Completist Daredevil website, and get our latest updates straight to your Newsfeed. Find and Like us on Facebook!

15 February 2015: The Completist List is Now Easier to Navigate! Every issue catalogued in the Fan Without Fear guide now includes links to browse the next and previous issues on the Completist Daredevil Read Order. Now, visitors to can jump to random issues to explore the reading guide.

3 February 2015: All Author and Artist Credits are Online! Through the research of Fan Without Fear contributor Tom Kiser, complete credit information for over fifty years of Daredevil comics are catalogued at Authors and artists for each of the over 1,400 comic book issues found on the Fan Without Fear Comics reading guide are now properly credited.

23 January 2015: Creator Information through 1999 is Online! Fan Without Fear contributor, Tom Kiser has researched creator and artist information for Daredevil comics through 1999. More creator credits are on the way! Check back soon!

19 January 2015: Silver and Bronze Age Creator Information is Online! Silver and Bronze Age comic creators and artists (including editors, writers, pencilers, and more) are now properly credited for their work on comic issues catalogued on the Completist Daredevil Reading Guide. All information is complete through 1983, and has been made available thanks to the thorough research of Fan Without Fear contributor, Tom Kiser! Check back later this winter, as more creator details are currently being added!

4 January 2015: Tweet the Fan! Now you can follow Fan Without Fear Comics on Twitter! Tweet the Fan directly:

1 January 2015: Official launch of Fan Without Fear Comics at! Comic book fans have a new online resource for collecting and reading Marvel Comics featuring Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. At the all new, fans of the scarlet swashbuckler can browse a continually expanding Daredevil reading order list. Geared toward completists, the new reading guide seeks to catalogue every Daredevil/Matt Murdock appearance in over fifty years of comic books. With over 1,400 books already listed, the guide records Daredevil material ranging from one panel appearances and stories starring major related characters, to the newest issues of DDís continuing title!

Despite the size of the reading guide, the website is very much a work in progress. In the coming months, check back for updates to old Hornheadís newest fan based website! Currently, the Fan Without Fear is working on his first major update: This winter, look for information on artists, authors, and pencilers to be added to the Daredevil completist reading guide!

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